This page of the memorial site for Nechemia Levanon is intended to present lectures, speeches, letters and other documents about Nechemia and his work. As more material becomes available, it will appear here.
  • After his expulsion from the Soviet Union in 1955, Nechemia's name appeared occasionally in Soviet propaganda as a high-ranking Israeli secret agent. To grant this propaganda more credibility, the Soviets even "provided" him the rank of colonel in the Israeli Secret Service. In 1971, the "Soviet Novesti Press Agency Publishing House," published a booklet named "Deceived by Zionism." In it, one may find a typical Soviet portrait of Nechemia drawn by their propaganda.
  • In December, 1989, Nechemia Levanon was interviewed at Kibbutz Kfar Blum by Perry Haber for the American Jewish Committee Oral History Library. The subject of the interview: The Soviet Jewry Movement in America. Pages of the transcript of the interview are presented here by permission of The Dorot Jewish Division, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations.
  • In May, 1991, the JTA international news service, in its Daily Bulletin, released an article concerning Israel's Secret Effort to Aid Soviet Jews. This article uncovers in public, for the first time, Nechemia's significant part in these efforts. ("Secret Effort to Aid Soviet Jews Officially Revealed After 40 Years," by Charles Hoffman. Used by permission of JTA)
  • In October, 1991, the National Conference on Soviet Jewry, at its 20th Anniversary Luncheon, honored Nechemia. Rabbi Israel Miller introduced Nechemia with the following words.
  • At their 20th Anniversary Luncheon, Nechemia was given a diploma of recognition by the National Conference on Soviet Jewry.
  • On January 21st, 1996, Sraya Shapiro published an article in the Jerusalem Post, entitled "Not-so-quiet diplomacy to the USSR," upon the publication of Nechemia's book, Hakod: Nativ. The article is displayed here with the kind permission of the Jerusalem Post.
  • One can learn of Nechemia's expertise regarding the Soviet Union and his political foresight from an interview with Richard Shifter, Former U.S. Ambassador for Human Rights at the United Nations. (The Review, July 2002, AIJAC--Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council. Used by permission)
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