This page of the memorial site for Nechemia Levanon is intended to present his writings. As more material becomes available, more of Nechemia's lectures, speeches, letters and previously published writings will appear here.
  • Two short sections of Nechemia's book (published in 1995 in Hebrew by Am Oved, "Hakod Nativ") Code Name: "Nativ" may be read here in English, the Introduction and the closing section of the book, describing his meeting with Gorbachev.
  • The National Conference on Soviet Jewry honored Nechemia at its 20th Anniversary Luncheon in New York, on the 21st of October 1991. On this occasion Nechemia delivered a speech.
  • An essay about Israel's role in launching and sustaining the campaign for Soviet Jews was incorporated as a chapter in the book A Second Exodus: The American Movement to Free Soviet Jews, Murray Friedman and Albert D. Chernin, editors. 1999 © Brandeis University Press / University Press of New England, Hanover, NH. Used with kind permission.
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